June Andrews

Principal Data Scientist

June works on ML and data science platforms at the Wise team. Previously, she worked at Pinterest spearheading the Data Trustworthiness & Signals Program to create a healthy data ecosystem for Pinterests machine learning. She has also worked as technical lead & Staff Data Scientist at LinkedIn specializing in growth, engagement, & social network analysis. Additional experiences include search at Yelp, data consulting for a healthcare startup, & analyzing the structure of voting & publication networks with John Hopcroft. June holds degrees in applied mathematics, computer science, & electrical engineering from UC Berkeley & Cornell.

Paul Baines

Data Science Lead; Principal Data Scientist

Paul is the co-lead of the Wise data science team and a key contributor to our core R&D efforts. Paul is a recognized expert in high-performance statistical computing and the challenges related to the practical application of Bayesian methods, Spatio-Temporal modelling, and generalized linear mixed modeling. Prior to joining Wise, Paul was a professor of Statistics at UC Davis. He holds degrees from the University of Durham, Cambridge and Harvard.

Joshua Bloom

VP Data & Analytics

Josh is responsible for establishing, driving, and communicating the overall technical direction for the Wise team. Apart from co-founding Wise.io as its CEO and then CTO, he is also professor at UC Berkeley where he teaches astrophysics and Python for data science. Josh has been a Sloan Fellow, Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society, and Hertz Foundation Fellow. He has published over 250 journal articles, and in 2010, was awarded the Pierce Prize from the American Astronomical Society. He is currently the Moore Foundation Data-driven Discovery Investigator. Josh holds a PhD in astrophysics from Caltech, MPhil from Cambridge University, and AB from Harvard College.

Henrik Brink

Sr Staff Software Program Engineer

Henrik leads the engineering architecture activities of the Wise team. He has a deep background designing and implementing large-scale distributed software systems and previously founded and managed a business focused on scalable backend systems and modern web technologies. Henrik holds a Physics degree from University of Copenhagen and has worked as a researcher and data scientist at UC Berkeley. He is a published author of work at the intersection of software development and machine learning on real-world data.

Jennifer Brown

Sr. Staff Technical Program Manager

Jennifer is responsible for establishing, driving, and communicating the overall product direction for the Wise team. She has over 4 years of experience in the industrial world and two years of experience managing programs for GE’s Industrial Internet of Things. Jennifer is a graduate of GE’s financial management program. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in finance and international business from the University of Cincinnati.

Ratish Dalvi

Senior Data Scientist

Ratish is a core member of the Wise data science team. His primary focus is on NLP and improving the product suite of wise support. Previously, he worked at Infosys as a Senior Systems Engineer, where he (among other things) developed and maintained a scalable and extensible backend system for a multinational telecom company. He holds degrees from Pune and Univ. of Indiana.

Damian Eads

Principal Data Engineer

Damian is the architect and creator of the Wise Team’s core machine learning technologies. He is an engineering lead who works at the intersection of machine learning, systems, and software engineering. Prior to co-founding Wise.io, he spent a decade at Los Alamos National Laboratory solving real-world problems with machine learning. He founded hcluster, paratext, and several other popular open source packages and is a major contributor to over a dozen others. Damian was a postdoctoral scholar at Cambridge University in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz.

Jeff Erhardt

GM Wise; VP Data & Analytics

Jeff is responsible for the defining and implementing the strategic direction of the Wise team. Jeff has more than 20 years building and running data-driven organizations. He began his career as a technologist at Advanced Micro Devices, where he founded and ran one of that industry’s first organizations to use large-scale data and advanced analytics to systematically drive new technology development and manufacturing. Before coming to Wise.io as CEO, Jeff was COO at Revolution Analytics, where he built the company into the leading disruptive provider of Big Data advanced analytics. Jeff holds more than 30 patents, an engineering degree from Cornell, and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Brent Follin

Senior Data Scientist

Brent received a PhD in astrophysics where he worked in defining and constraining novel cosmological models using a variety of data sources; during which he built up expertise in measuring the statistical reliability of models and other inferences, as well as in detailed introspections of model predictions and how they are informed by historical data. To wise.io, he’s brought knowledge of model selection, data consistency, and dimensional reduction. His interests include quaint cafes in remote towns and mountain lakes, and nights outdoors.

Elena Henderson

Staff Software Engineer

Elena works across the full engineering stack in the cloud, from database to front-end. She has the primary responsibility for development of support API and connectors to 3rd party data systems. Previously, at a mobile-game data science company, she designed, developed, tested, documented and deployed API backends. Before that, she was a QA Engineer at NetSuite.

Lisa Kowalski

Executive Assistant, Community Manager

Jessica Kwong

Sr. Software Engineer

Jessica is a member of the engineering team at Wise. Prior to joining, she was a full stack Software Engineer at Pacific Gas & Electric, where she worked on building IT asset management applications. Jessica has a degree in Computer Science from University of California, Davis.

Dave McCrory

VP Software Engineering

Dave leads the Wise engineering team. Formerly Dave was CTO at Basho Technologies, a NoSQL Database Startup. Prior to Basho, he was SVP of engineering at Warner Music Group. He has extensive experience in cloud and virtualization technologies, holding positions as a senior architect in Cloud Foundry while at VMware and as a cloud architect at Dell. Earlier in his career, he experienced successful exits for two companies he founded: Hyper9 (acquired by SolarWinds) and Surgient (acquired by Quest Software). Dave is well known for inventing the concept and coining the term “Data Gravity”. Dave holds 9 granted patents and co-authored a book titled “Advanced Server Virtualization”.

Brian Nemsick

Senior Data Scientist

Brian is a member of the Wise data science team. His primary focus is on deep learning in the image domain. He holds a MS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Kasper Bjørn Nielsen

Sr Software Engineer

Kasper is a full-stack engineer working on data science tools, production infrastructure, data pipeline integration, UIs and the rest of the model development and deployment platform. He has extensive experience with web development and cloud infrastructure from his time as a full-stack engineer at a VoIP company and several co-founded web consultancy startups. Kasper holds degrees in Software Engineering and Mathematical Modeling from DTU, Denmark.

Joey Richards

Data Science Lead; VP Data & Analytics

As co-leader of the Wise data science team, Joey is responsible for defining and implementing machine learning applications. He has developed sophisticated statistical and machine learning methodologies to analyze large collections of sparse, noisy, and multi-dimensional time-series data, techniques to perform regression and classification in high-dimensional feature spaces, and methods to perform accurate inference in complex, non-linear physical models. Joey was a Fulbright Scholar and a postdoctoral researcher in the Statistics and Astronomy departments at UC Berkeley; he holds a PhD in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University.

Oleg Rocklin

Principal Data Engineer

Oleg is responsible for architecture and development of tools and infrastructure for data science and ML. Before joining Wise, Oleg developed an open-source distributed NoSQL database,engineered systems for real-time market data processing for high-frequency trading, and led teams of software engineers who built a large-scale SaaS cloud based platform, with multiple components for a major music company. Oleg holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Finance from CUNY Brooklyn College.

John Rutherford

Principal Data Scientist

John builds machine learning applications and helps develop Wise’s data science platform. Prior to joining GE, he was the data scientist for an energy efficiency startup, where he headed algorithm development and exploratory analyses. He holds physics, mathematics, and astrophysics degrees from Stanford and MIT.

Dan Starr

Sr Staff Software Engineer

Dan is responsible for technical implementations at the Wise Team and manages the infrastructure, security, and monitoring of the productionized ML solutions. Dan co-founded wise.io with roles spanning data science and data engineering with interests in sensor and big data analytics. Previously, he worked as an astronomy data engineer for Harvard, UC Berkeley, Los Alamos and several observatories. He has degrees in Physics and Astronomy from University of Washington.