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Key Speakers from last year: IMLW17

IMLW17 Presenters & Special Guests

The application of machine learning to industrial assets and data products is poised to unlock unprecedented levels of new value. However, while the successes of AI and ML in the consumer space are well known, the application of industrial machine learning (IML) is still in a relatively nascent state. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers and industry practitioners from across the GE business units and GRC—from algorithm creators to hardware designers to application builders—to learn from each other, share the latest innovations, and articulate the unique challenges we face. Participants will be invited to collaboratively answer questions of particular interest to industrial machine learning and formulate their own questions for future exploration. IMLW17 will focus on the following topics:

1. Machine Learning in Production
2. Marrying Physics and Data-driven models
3. Explainability / Interpretability of Machine Learning
4. Secure, Private Artificial Intelligence


  • Keynotes leaders in the industrial machine learning space.
  • Registration of interest and submission of an abstract is not a guarantee of acceptance to the workshop.
  • Call for contributions will come out in May with selections announced in June.
  • There will be contributed talks and poster sessions.
  • Special emphasis will be placed on providing ample time for interactions.
  • We strive for a diverse, inclusive speaker set, and welcome women and those from underrepresented groups to apply to join.

Hosted by + GE Digital:


Program Organizers: Dr. Joshua Bloom (GE Digital)
Local Organizing Committee: Dan Starr, Jennifer Brown, Lisa Kowalski (GE Digital)

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